14 Jul July 14, 2016

Why use a filter?

Tammi H. 0 Uncategorized

A fluid stream is the “fuel” required to keep moving parts (valves, pumps, tools, etc.) moving. A correctly sized filter and element keeps this fuel clean and at maximum performance levels. When all is well, the moving parts and the machine perform consistently and within quality expectations.

Dirty fuel makes moving parts malfunction in a number of ways – stick, stammer, overheat, or simply stop moving. Prior to a catastrophic failure, several cycles may pass before any malfunction of moving parts is noticed. By that time, the cost of repairs has already exceeded the cost of replacing the filter element.

Machines today generally are well equipped with proper filtration. Keep the filters in good working order by changing the elements on a regular basis. Follow the machine makers’ guidelines or set up a protocol of your own that fits the use of the machine. Contact Bulldog Fabricating and we can help you make the most sense out of the filters you use and how to use them.