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Bulldog Fabricating has been providing filtration solutions for over 25 years. We have a worldwide filter cross reference database and are experts in Japanese filters.

We approach the coming years with appreciation for past success and anticipation of future innovations in product and customer service. Our improved website and expanding focus on international filters are just two examples of what the future has to offer. (read more…)

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Click here to view a catalog of some of the elements and brands we can provide cross reference for.

Click here for a visual gallery of some of the elements we can provide cross reference for. A good place to start if you don’t have a part number.

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Click here to request a quote on a custom strainer basket. We can provide the correct strainer solution for your application.

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Filter part numbers can be very confusing. Sometimes companies will order a part number without knowing it is a complete filter assembly when all they want is the replacement filter element. The added cost of this mistake can result in a great deal of misspent budget dollars. So how do you tell a filter assembly […]